Monday, October 14, 2019

American ROGA is new hybrid running yoga class your body is begging for


A change is as good as a holiday, so they say, and that can apply to your workout as much as anything. Switching up your regular exercise routine can keep your body challenged, as well as prevent injury by overtraining the same muscles again and again. Hybrid workouts are the perfect way to do this – by combining two different kinds of exercise your body gets twice the benefit and you can also prevent boredom (because, let’s face it making it to the end of a workout is as much mental as physical sometimes).

From HIIT Yoga to Barre Attack to group classes like Barry’s Bootcamp and OrangeTheory, Australians have enthusiastically embraced the hybrid workout, and this American import might just be the next big thing.

Meet ROGA; a combination of running and yoga, which is coming to Australia thanks to the Santa Monica at Pier One activation in Sydney (September 22 – Oct 31). During this time Sydney-siders can sign up for free Saturday morning ROGA sessions, which include a 2.5kilometre run past some of Sydney’s most spectacular scenery. We spoke to Michelle Lindner, who is the co-founder of ROGA is the US. She is based in Santa Monica, and the classes now famously happen on the picturesque Santa Monica Pier. Here’s the downlow…

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b+s: Why is combining running with yoga practise beneficial?

ML: There are a lot of runners that like yoga. Combining yoga with a running practice not only enhances your physical abilities but it provides a great recovery practice that will ultimately help a runner keep running as they age.

Talk us through a typical ROGA session…

The run starts at 8am under the Santa Monica Pier sign… We make announcements, we review the run course, we say good morning to everyone, and we do our best to make it fun. Runners typically bring their yoga mats and leave them with our ROGA team to take to the yoga portion of the event… Most runners return around 8:50 and they grab a water… and get ready for the yoga portion of ROGA. The yoga starts at 9am and goes for one hour. We have a lot of people that show up just for yoga. During class we’ve seen whales and dolphins. The scenery is breathtaking.

Any risks that people should be aware of if they have pre-existing injuries?

Yoga is a great way for runners to stretch after running which ultimately helps prevent injury. Depending on what the pre-existing conditions are running and/or yoga may or may not be the best type of exercise. Anyone with a pre-existing condition should consult a doctor prior to any exercise.

How many calories would the average 60 minute ROGA class burn?

Anywhere from 300-500 depending on the intensity level of the class.

Why should Australians embrace ROGA?

Running, yoga or ROGA are good for everyone.

22 September 2019, Santa Monica at Pier One Sydney Harbour will bring LA’s beach city to life along the iconic Sydney’s waterfront with a curated menu of SoCal-style food and beverages and live cooking demonstrations, free wellness and fitness experiences, an organic mini- farmers market and live music sunset sessions. A trip to Santa Monica up for grabs each week of the activation.

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