Friday, November 15, 2019

Rachelle Rowlings gets real about how she ‘bounced back’ from her ‘melted marshmallow’ mum body


If you don’t already follow Rachelle Rowlings on Instagram, may I suggest you do. The woman has two children under the age of two, but it’s not her #parentingcontent that we’re here for. It’s her humour-infused, heartbreakingly real account of what it’s like to chase a health goal, and finally get there – against all odds.

The Sydney-based blonde has amassed a following of almost 30K on Instagram thanks to hilarious captions that tell the less-than-glossy truth behind her stylish #OOTD posts, but since June Rachelle has put a renewed focused on her health. And five months on, the results of her hard work is showing. By adopting a plant-based diet (even Arnie’s a fan) and focusing on strengthening her core (a common side effect of childbirth) with regular Pilates workouts the 32 year old has found renewed energy and is flaunting her newly toned abs. As she should.

Rachelle recently uploaded a victory post of sorts, posting a picture of her in a sizzling red bikini while holding her daughter Rumer on her hip. While it may be unpopular as a new mum to publicly admit- and especially on Instagram – that you want to ‘bounce-back‘ to your pre-baby shape, Rachelle was frank, saying that after a year and a half of “wondering when my pre baby body would return” she took the reigns and is now “proud of myself for not giving up”.

And her secret? A renewed focus on fresh, plant-based meal delivery services Soulara, Marley Spoon and Delish Deliveries, recipes from Forks Over Knives and Sakara, and regular at-home Pilates workouts from Fluid Form Pilates or studio-based classes with Melissa Wood Health.

Rachelle, we salute you, your abs and your LOL-worthy captions. Instagram needs more people like you.

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